In praise of routine

It has been a wonderful week of holiday and I've managed to get out a bit and do some running, which is good, but not as much as I really should have done, which is less good.

Key lessons this week have included:
  • Vaseline is great for avoiding bloody nipples from long runs, but don't expect it to come out of cotton t-shirts when you wash them. This can result in you getting odd looks when you later wear such a t-shirt in town.
  • Routine is good; sometimes is can be hard to fit in a couple of hours of running if you don't have a set time of day to make it happen. I find it easy to run when I'm working but sometimes I fritter away time when I've not got a plan for the day.
  • The sun in NZ is freaking strong. Get used to running in strong sunblock and a hat.
All of that said, I really enjoyed the trail run I did from Arataki visitors' centre this week. I did the loop round the nature walk on the Eastern side of Scenic Drive and then down the diverted Hillary Trail to the Parau Track, which I have done before but now I have a decent idea of how long the first section is going to take me at a sustainable pace. There's no video this week, as I've run most of Parau Track before and didn't take the camera with me.


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