I'm on the road again

My week away was wonderful, fantastic even; however a break from one of my activities only ever fires me up for more when I get back to it. As a result, I quite happily banged out 89k on the roads last week, including a 29k hilly road run in and around Laingholm. The downside was that because of family commitments, I wasn't able to make it out onto the trails; hence no video this week. Fortunately, Andrius Ramonas (bane of my purported record for the Karamatura Track run) was kind enough to record some amazing footage which perfectly demonstrates how I wish I could run in my dreams.

Skyrunners Ep1 from Andrius Ramonas on Vimeo.

I'm still feeling a bit undertrained though, as I haven't been out for a really good long (longer than a standard marathon) run since September last year. I also need to give my proposed timings and kit list a bit of a dry run. With this in mind I've planned to use my Auckland Day holiday for a dry run of the Arataki - Piha section of the Hillary Trail following the route that the race will use, and posted it on the Hillary Trail Runners Facebook Page as a fat ass run. It'd be nice to get some company for some or all of the run. I'll take the opportunity to get some footage of various bits of the trail I've not yet filmed on, e.g. Karekare - Piha etc...

Really looking forward to next Monday.


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