Back from the dead...

For me, the desire to run comes and goes but I'm generally able to motivate myself to get out on the roads; however even when I'm inspired sometimes things like work and other commitments get in the way. Running is only really my second sport; an idle distraction from my first love if you will. So it was last week, while I was competing at the NZ Fullbore Rifle Shooting Championships. Hugely enjoyable though it was, it was also time consuming and I had an entire week off running.

The pendulum has now swung and with the Hillary Train Run a terrifying five weeks away I'm starting to get some serious mileage (by my mediocre standards) in. I should hit 53 miles / 85 kilometres this week and am going to try and hit 60 miles / 96 kilometres or more for the three following weeks, which should bring me back into condition in time for the race. I think the key for me is going to be getting the long runs in; I had started to hit 30k+ just before I went on vacation and need to start doing so again pretty much immediately if I'm to refresh my stamina enough to make the distance.

And with that, it's a beautiful Saturday morning here in Laingholm so I'm going to go and run 18m / 30k.


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