2016 Hillary Race Plan

As you may have gathered by now, I'm mildly extremely anal retentive, which probably comes as no great surprise to people from the ultrarunning community. You've got to be a little bit odd in some way or other to want to participate in a sport which frequently involves pain, nausea, blisters, losing toenails etc...

As a result, I like to have a rough idea of what my race* is going to look like and based on some rough guesswork and my most recent trial/trail run put together the 12.5 hour schedule shown below.

9th Feb 2016 - I've updated the timings based on recent runs. I think that 12.5 hours a a solid target to aim at, but I have tweaked the timings for a couple of the sections based on recent runs. I have tried to be conservative to take account of fatigue, e.g. I know I can run Piha - Muriwai in about 4h30m but have left it at 5h00m in the plan.

Initial Hillary Trail Run Plan

Section 1: Arataki - Huia Section 2: Huia - Whatipu Section3: Whatipu - Karekare Section 4: Karekare - Piha Section 5: Piha - Bethells Section 6: Bethells - Muriwai
Distance 14k 12k 11k 9k 18k 16k
Height Gain 440m 680m 500m 360m 640m 400m
Start Time 06:00 08:05 10:10 11:50 13:20 16:05
Break 00:05 00:05 00:05 00:05 00:05 00:05
Running Time 02:00 02:00 01:35 01:25 02:40 02:20
Finish Time 08:05 10:10 11:50 13:20 16:05 18:30
Actual Time 01:55 01:45 01:50 01:45 --:-- 05:54

* I use the term loosely you understand. I will really be racing against myself, and racing against others only in the sense that there will be other people on the trail who will be running from the same start point to the same end point at the same time.


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